What makes us different?

how are we different than other ptc?

Lower cost membership with better bennifits.

Our hosting and data back ups are payed a year in advance!

Most PTC site's offer 1-2% on memberships we offer up to 100%!!!

Other PTC sites want $19 monthly or $200+ dollars a year up to 900 dollars a year while only giving you back 10% and 5 dollars a referral on a 900 dollar membership!! WHAT!

See now were not here to rob you blind-we want you to have fun,and enjoy being a member. referral upgrade!

Lower cost advertising, we are just flat out lower than most. As new owner i am here for the long haul-i want you to be happy and enjoy being a part of our community.

Refunds Policy

Refund policy for your-musicbg.com memberships.

Refund policy.


There are no refunds for a membrship, once you have purchased a membership it can not be refunded.Please do not purchase a membership if you do not intend to use it

Refund policy for your-musicbg.com advertising.

Refund policy for your-musicbg.com advertising.

Generally there are no refunds on the purchase of advertising.

please do not purchase advertising with the intent to ask for a refund

Account Termination

refund policy on accounts terminated.

Should your account be terminated for violation of terms, any and all of your earnings and advertising credits will be forfeited. You will not receive any refund and agree to this and any and all terms of use of this website upon becoming a member.

Payments sent/recieved

what are fees? and why?

Fees are there because payment processors charge us very high rates usually 3%+60 cents thats how they make their money. we have the processors here to help you get paid. you can always go to your favorite providers website ex payza look at fee schedule to see how much they charge.

how long before payment

that depends on two things--1 what type of membership and 2 how your payment processor handles it-example you buy ads from us it may take 7 days after you buy ads for us to receive the money you sent-also if you are not verified it might take you a lot longer. Other wise when we pay you we do so manually each transaction to ensure you get paid correctly and this does take some time but usually within 72 hours or less

do i need to be verified?

yes! you must have a verified Payza or verified Paypal account. we are legitimate site and require you have verified accounts.


is this free?

yes you may join free--
You must upgrade to a payed membership as this sustains the site and makes sure everyone can earn money--join free save up and use your account balance to buy a membership!

payment processor

Paypal PAYZA(alertpay)

what kind of adds can i place?

please clik on advertiser FAQ area it will explain that and then click on the terms button on home page it explains a lot so please read, thank you

Contests added by new owners

daily clickcontest
weekly referral contest gets cash
and more check contests in your members area

what is payout minimum?

payout minimum is only 0.50 cents!
Must be upgraded to cash out as this sustains the site,and keep members being able to earn! try us out free,build up some cash and if you like it, upgrade! earn more

Fun Stuff!

Why fun?

Why not? as new owner i want you, the member to have fun while your here.
So take a look at fun stuff see and whats coming!


You can be a part of contests ,daily,weekly,and monthly!
get rewarded for surfing,purchases,and more--see your account panel in members area-you can join free!


Will my banners get seen?

Yes! We have payed for outside visitors on a yearly basis so your featured banners,reg banners,adds will been seen regardless of how many members are online. this assures you that your paid adds will be seen!

What adds can i place?

you may not place any adds containing
terrorism or extremist site
hate language,raciest,or offensive adds.
adds with virus.
please click on terms on main page for more detailed info
adds to illegal sites
adds to ponzi schemes
adds to illegal software downloads including music,video site
use common sense please we are running a legitimate site.

click contest daily

helps motivate members to click your adds!

new owner info

advertisers, as new owner many changes have been made all ready that benefit you.
Added new contests-rewards members for viewing your adds!.
new site look installed 7/9/14 updated nice looking.
Old adds /inactive members removed-meaning your adds will bee seen as fresh new ones promoting more views.
lowered by a LOT the advertising prices and also paying for outside views so your banners/fb/text ect get seen regardless of how many members are on-means more value for your advertising dollar!
i have done a lot and plan to do more to make this the best !
working on adding payza,stay tuned! PAYZA ADDED 8/11/14
Moved to new server/hosting 1/15 paid in advance yearly
2/15 new cleaner template installed
2/15 new site script(software) installed better anit bot/cheat capabilities

AD cost vs member pay

Advertisers! this is to help you understand what members get paid to view your ads so you can make a informed decisions.

Link ads A / are 30 sec and members are paid 0.01 cent to view-this is a great opportunity as everyone loves to click on penny ads and you get 1,000 views for only $15.00 !!!!!

other options are shorter and pay from 0.0001 and up!

all ad packs are for one thousand (1,000) VIEWS-very cost effective.

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