UPDATED 7.22.2017

Welcome to your-musicbg.com.
Here is some information on the owner, ME.

Please take a minute to read this.

Hello, my name is GREG i have been a member of many ptc sites over the last 9 years.

I found this site in 7/14 abandoned by its owner!!.

I bought it and have worked hard on it in many ways.

Since i bought it i back payed members out of my pocket what the old owner did not pay.
i Paid for and payed to have installed forums banners,lottery templates,hosting,and a lot more.

In December of 2014 the company i bought this site from had a different company host it-guess what that company went out of business overnight! Just like that all my hard work and a lot of my money invested was gone!!

This site went down for 2-3 weeks, nobody could find this site , and i couldn\'t get a hold of hosting company. i had programmers try to recover data base.
a lot of data was not recoverable. Only part of database was recovered .

long story short we lost over 2,000 members and all the upgrades and member addons along with all the money i had put into this site ,and i had a lot of my personal money invested GONE.

SO i have now switched to another hosting company and prepaid a year in advance and pre payed for site back up as well.

I have also contracted and paid for outside visitors a year in advance also so that your banners are seen regardless of how many members are on. This ensures you get the views you pay for!

On top of that i have payed to have installed this currant template along with new software for the site. on 2/15

WHY? why bother people ask me--simple i want this to work!! and i am in it for the long haul or i would have given up when everything was lost.

I want this to be a a great community for members and advertisers. And even though i now have to pay again to have more things reinstalled and upgrades,i am.

I hope you understand how hard i try and join us! i would love to have you as a member.
UPDATE 7.22.2017.

I have kept this site alive and in working order over the last 2 years as i have since built adzcash.info and buxpaid.info. ==adzcash has a lot of features most members do not utilize and is successful. bux paid is a new only 2 months old at this time site-both are working together-
it\'s time to re grow this site to work with the others in our comunity! This site will be slowly upgraded with time and ,like i said i don\'t give up-hang in there and hold on, the ride is starting!

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